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The completion of this website has evolved naturally as a sum of its parts, and care has been taken to clearly represent a diverse history of the imagination. The titles have been placed in order to reflect the layers of personal development from the private to the public realm, from drawing to lectures. (Drawings, Exhibitions, Designs, Publications and Teaching)


Since graduating from Chelsea Art School, and the Architectural Association I have been very keen to bring together the two disciplines. The website is testimony to this commitment and desire in a subtle way, moving forwards and backwards between action and reflection, between practice and academia. I believe that the idea of architecture is not limited to the domain of building; it is essentially about the structure of space. A recurrent question which surfaces throughout the quintet of titles in this site is the role of space-space as thought, perception, memory, interiority and drama.


The concept of Travel also introduces itself as a protagonist along with a selected collection of a 100 BOOKS which may offer some clues to my fascination with the creative spirit. In the parameters of the site lie some eccentric additions in the form of observations and experiments for example MOMO (the Museum Of Mythical Objects).

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