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‘Microworks’ are a series of small constructions made from stripped twigs, thorn and fine bark collected from travels into the interior of Australia, between 1990-95. They follow a model I made from slithers of bamboo for an architectural competition entry called “The Temple of Laughter” set by The End1993, L.A U.S.A


Most of the images are of built works designed in collaboration with John Pawson, Claudio Silvestrin and Crispin Osborne over a period of four years. We met at the Architectural Association in the early 80s, and were conscious of developing, and instigating an architecture of ‘Minimalism’.  The spatial forms emerging from our collaboration referenced the Minimalist Art movement from the 1960s-70s in parallel with Modernism, the International Style and the ‘Wabi’ aesthetic (transient and stark beauty). (The Royal Academy exhibition ‘London as it could be’ (Richard Rogers) was designed by myself and Philip Gumuchdjian in 1986).



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