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M.O.M.O, Opening of Museum of Mythical Objects, 2013

Photo Credit: Abi Aldridge Apaza

M.O.M.O, Opening of Museum of Mythical Objects, 2013

Photo Credit: Abi Aldridge Apaza

Asemic Lines, Mithras Gallery, University of Brighton 2013


In parallel to my academic career and various design projects, I am continuing to exhibit ideas in the form of drawings ranging from spatial mappings to Asemic Fieldworks. These drawings are meditations on ‘landscape’ (in the broadest definition of the word) referring to, and engaging with both the natural, and the man-made environment. I believe the exhibition to be an effective forum in which to express, present, and promote a holistic vision. The selected exhibitions listed here date back to 1978 when I graduated from the A.A , and have taken place throughout the world.


The more recent exhibitions have been dedicated to my drawings, and relate to a cross-disciplinary course Brighton. I am heading a course at Brighton University called ‘Thinking Through Drawing’. It is a weekly workshop spanning the void between research and practice, culminating in a formal annual exhibition.


​Thinking Through Drawing. Group show, Mithras Gallery,

University of Brighton, UK. 10.02.14 - 04.03.14


​Asemic Lines, Books on drawing and writing, Group show,

Mithras Gallery, University of Brighton, UK 29.01.13 - 19.02.13  (*4)


Autograph. 3D Calligraphy workshop.  Main Gallery,

Virginia University, Doha, Qatar.22.02.10 -26.02.10


Octopia: Recent drawings (with Li Johnson)

M.O.M.O Gallery, Islington, London, UK. 05.08 -09.13


M.O.M.O, Opening of Museum of Mythical Objects.

Islington, London, UK. 04.08.12 - 15.09.12.


Port Cities. Drawings and Installation. Sueli Turner Gallery,

Stratford E2. UK. 10.09.09 - 20.10.09


Piraeus. MAUS Exhibition, Grand Parade, Brighton University. UK. 2010


Shadow Pavilion. UniTec, Lai, Papua New Guinea. 12.08.08 - 18.08.09


Gateway to Chiang Mai, FACU Gallery, Thailand, 2009


Raising Deep Space, Architectural Association, London, UK, 2007


Drawing on Exoticism, Barlett School of Architecture Gallery, London, UK, 2006


Micropolis, Buckinghamshire University College Gallery, High Wycome, UK, 2002


Fate In Naples, Architectural Association, London, UK, 2002


'17', University of Texas, Austin USA, 1998


Of Gods and Common People, Barragon Foundation, Mexico City, Mexico, 1996


Mythical Objects, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth, WA, 1993


Australia One, Camden Art Centre, London, UK, 1989


The Architecture of London, Royal Collage of Art, London, 1987


This Welded Earth, Curtin University, Perth, WA, 1986


Cabinets of Curiosity, Artemide, London, UK, 1985


Luna Fijada, Architectural Association, London, UK, 1984


El Dorado, Beaux Art, Paris, France, 1983


Bureau, Wurlitzer Building, New York, USA, 1982


Buromance, Zona Gallery, Florence, Italy, 1982


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