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BLUE/BROWN - ARCHIVES (LaWN), Architectural Association, London U.K. 2017

THINKING THROUGH DRAWING, Brighton University, A&D, U.K. 2014


EXHIBITION DESIGN 20th Century Design, V&A Museum, London UK. 2012


LONDON MUSE, V & A  Museum, London, UK.  2012


EXHIBITION DESIGN, V & A  Museum. UK.  2012


ROSE TINTED MIRRORS (On Beauty) R.I.B.A . London UK. 2010


ROSE TINTED MIRRORS, Virginia University, Doha, Qatar. 2010


SHADOW, UniTech, Papua New Guinea, 2008


PORT CITIES, International Series, FACM, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. 2007


GATEWAY TO CHIANG MAI,  Institute of Architecture, Chiang Mai. Thailand. 2007




INTERIOR CITIES, H.D.K. University of Gothenberg, Sweden. 2005


INTERIOR CITIES, University of Stockholm, Sweden, 2005


MICROPOLIS, Buckinghamshire/Chilterns University College, UK. 2004


DESIGNING EDUCATION, University of Greenwich, London UK. 2003


INTERIOR CITIES,  HGK. Zurich, Switzterland. 2003

INTERIOR CITIES, H.D.K University of Gothenberg, Sweden. 2003


SECTIONS OF THE BLITZ, The Pratt Institute of Architecture. N.Y. U.S.A 2002


CONTAINING THOUGHT, R.M.I.T. University, Melbourne, Australia 2000


INTERIOR CITIES,  U.N.S.W Sydney, Australia, 1999. 


INTERIOR CITIES,  A.A School of Architecture.London UK. 1999


RAISING DEEP SPACE, University of Texas, Austin. U.S.A  1999


RAISING DEEP SPACE, A.A School of Architecture, London U.K. 1998


RAISING DEEP SPACE, Buckingham/Chilterns University College, U.K. 1998


RAISING DEEP SPACE, Oxford Brookes University, U.K.  1998


RAISING DEEP SPACE, University of Melbourne, U.K. 1997


CROSSINGS, A.I.A  Symposium. Perth W.A.  1996


MASTERING DESIGN,. La Salle Faculty of Art and Design. Singapore, 1995


SURROUND, International Conference. R.M.I.T University, Melbourne, Australia. 1994


MYTHICAL OBJECTS, P.I.C.A.  Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, W.A.  1993


ROBIN EVANS MEMORIAL lecture, A.A School of Architecture, London U.K. 1993


SPARK, Lecture tour. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, Glasgow, London, New York, New Zealand  1992


SPARK, International Federation of Interior Architects. Merchandise Mart, Chicago, U.S.A.1991


JOHN ANDREWS, D.I.A  Design Institute of Australia. Melbourne, Australia, 1991.


THE ARCHITECTURE OF LONDON, Royal College of Art, London, U.K, 1988


MYTHICAL OBJECT, N.C.A. National Centre for the Arts, Coyoacan, Mexico City. 1988


THIS WELDED EARTH, Curtin University, Perth, W.A. 1987


MODERN LIFE, The Blue Parrot Club, Perth, W.A.  1987


THE GLOBAL HYBRID, United Nations Building, Bangkok, Thailand.  1986.


JOHN ANDREWS, Oceanic Congress of Architecture, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  1985.


THE DOOR and the HARLEQUIN,  Bennington College, Vermont, U.S.A. 1981


CONTRADICTION & COMPLEXITY,  Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.  U.S.A. 1981


COLD, Cambridge University, Architecture, Cambridge, UK.  1980.


BUREAU, The Wurlitzer Building, N.Y.  N.Y.  U.S.A  1979

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