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My teaching philosophy has been driven by a belief in the principle of ‘personal experience’, and the knowledge gained from a primary cognitive source.

With reference to design education this form of learning has proved to be valuable in terms of the thinking process, and the unique results attained


In putting together this website, which includes a significant amount of visual material, it has been difficult to decide on the images that clearly represent the essence of my teaching. Showing the main body of design teaching; the work, the briefs, the students, the studios, the events and lectures provide some insights into the nature of the subject, but I feel that the elusive essence resides in the encompassing spirit embodied within the parts.


The work selected portrays a wide spectrum projects, and specific works relating to my continuing commitment to design education. I have also included some key figures, trips, events, texts, moments and workshops in relation to the teaching experience.



Senior Lecturer, MA Architecture and Urban Studies, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

University of Brighton (UK) 2006 - ongoing


Visiting Lecturer,  BA (Hons) Advanced Design, Faculty of Architecture

University of Chiang Mai (Thailand) 2004 - 2005


Visiting Professor, Undergraduate Architecture & Design

HDK Gothenberg (Sweden) 2003


Visiting Professor,  Undergraduate Interior Architecure

ZHdk University of the Arts, Zurich (Germany) 2003


Visiting Lecturer, Summer Session - Architecture, Pratt School of Architecture

Brooklyn, New York (USA) 2002 


Head AA Foundation, AA Foundation Course

Architectural Association, London (UK) 2001 - 2002


Resident Professor, Spatial Design Short Course, Faculty of Architecture

 University of Texas, Austin (USA) 1998


Professor, MA Architecture & Design, BA (Hons) Archtecture & Design

RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Melbourne (Australia) 1990 - 2001, 


Visiting Lecturer,  AA Short Course Summer School

Architectural Association, London (UK) 1997


Visiting lecturer, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Chilterns University, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (UK) 1997


Unit Master - AA School of Architecture, London, (UK) 1980- 1989.


Course Master, L.A Summer Programme ‘The Architecture of London’

Royal College of Art, London (UK) 1988


Visiting Lecturer,  Oxford/Frankfurt International programme 

Oxford Brookes University, Oxford (UK) 1987


Visiting Lecturer, ‘This Welded Earth’ project'

Curtin University of Technology, Perth (Australia) 1987


Design Thesis teaching and co-ordination, Department of Interior Design

Buckinghamshire Chilterns University, High Wycombe (UK) 1983-1989


Visiting lecturer, Special Project ’Safe’ - London Metropolitan University, London (UK) 1979.


First Year tutor, BA Architecture, Faculty of Architecture,

University of Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) 1979


Tutor and Co-Founder of the London Summer School

AA School of Architecture, London (UK) 1978



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